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How Does Merch By Amazon Work?

Learn how to become a master t-shirt seller on Merch by Amazon! Make the most out of your t-shirt designs and use Merch like a proffesional!

You must apply to be accepted. All you have to do is enter a name, location, and some information about your experience and designs.

The acceptance review has no time limit.

In order to be accepted you must show that you have experience and passion in this area, for site that you submit must be related to the design, you can use your profile on one of the design sites such as Redbubble (a site selling t-shirts that you can try and learn The same way), or Behance (a site for design experts in the world).

In the additional information pane, you should choose your words very carefully, show your experience, and how you do the design process so that your reviewers are convinced of your… Imagine you are in a job interview.

When you are accepted you cannot place more than 10 designs, and after you sell 10 sales, the limit is increased to 25, and the more you sell the more Amazon allows you to have more designs… this system is called Tiers.

You should search and check to find out all the good design terms that Amazon offers you when you register, and also look for the best selling designs on Amazon to inspire successful designs.

This method of profit from Amazon is very good, because the effort required is focused on finding good designs, and that after achieving success you can build your own store using various platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce to make higher profits.

In that case, you can count on paid traffic and build your own brand like many other professionals in the industry.

3 - profit from Amazon through e-books

Many people love to read books continuously, and because of the age of technology we are currently living you can read a lot of books on your phone or computer at the lowest possible price, so you can listen to them (audio books) if you do not have time.

And because Amazon started as a bookstore and print shop, this Amazon Kindle is one of the oldest and best ways to make money from Amazon if you like writing.

By the way, you can use anyone to write you a book if you are good at marketing, and so do many of those who rely on this method.

You can apply for Kindle Direct Publishing, where your books are reviewed, and the electronic and printed versions are available upon request. All you have to do is read the terms and conditions.

The review process itself has no time limit, as you can publish books in any field or even in any language, and there are plenty of Arabic books by the way.

This method is very effective if you have some followers through a website, a social media account or even a YouTube channel to promote your books and get initial sales.

The advantage in this way is that the more you sell and your book ratings, the more your book will lead the search for the topic you're talking about, so you'll get more sales.

So I advise you to start and try it yourself this way, it is very profitable and low risk.

4. Profit from Amazon by selling products

This method is the most difficult to profit from Amazon, because it requires a lot of experience and capital so you can test and experiment, although it is a very profitable way has made a lot of millionaires.

Amazon is a very large mall on the Internet, in the mall anyone can open a simple store and start selling its products, taking advantage of the large number of people who visit this mall every day, on the condition that an agreement with the management of the mall.

This is a simple example of the Amazon store, it consists of many sellers and owners of different products and documents, who sell their products in what is known as Amazon FBA.

Most of these sellers import products from China after they are packaged and prepared in a certain way, and then sent to Amazon warehouses, which is responsible for shipping on your behalf.

Of course there are global credentials based on Amazon. There are manufacturers and companies everywhere in the world, who only use the traffic from Amazon to get sales, not all sellers rely on importing products from China.

By the way, if you are manufacturing or making any product or handicraft you can sell in your country using electronic stores such as Souq (which owns Amazon as previously mentioned) and Jumia in Egypt.

This method is not for beginners, and requires relatively large capital, because you have to look for products in order to choose a new and suitable product in order to overcome the fierce competition in Amazon.

Then after that you need to communicate with suppliers and factory owners in China (through many websites and best known by and ask them for experimental samples.

You then test these products on Amazon or via to find out what people are reacting, then order certain quantities of this product and send it to Amazon.

Then you shoot the product or make videos and put the description and characteristics of the product (everything you see on the page of any product on Amazon) so you can compete correctly.

So if you are a marketing expert, or have at least $1000 that you can venture to learn, you may lose it in a few months and not win anything, I advise you to try.

There are a lot of experts in this field of Arabs on YouTube that you can learn from them or communicate with them to help.


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